Hire Battery Portable Gobo Projector £20

Hire a Battery Portable Gobo Projector in Nottingham

Hire the Chauvet EZ Gobo Projector from Nottingham Disco & PA

The gobo projector is battery operated and can be used anywhere indoors. 

The image can be zoomed in and out to the required size and manually focused.

The gobo images can be hearts, stars, and patterns etc.

custom personalised gobo maybe be possible using your own artwork and transparency film.

Comes supplied with it’s own bracket and can be set up and running in no time.

Wireless on/off and dimming operation available with included remote Control

Run time 5 hours on full brightness.

More choices of lighting hire effects and packages available from Nottingham Disco & PA Hire.

To book your hire please simply call or email Nottingham Disco & PA with your requirements.

Collection requires full payment on card with a small refundable cash deposit. Please bring two forms of ID like a current drivers license etc. Bank transfer with invoice can also be arranged in advance of the hire date.

Hire a Battery Portable Gobo Projector in Nottingham
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