Trantec S4.4L UHF Wireless Lapel Microphone £159

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The new Trantec S4.4 UHF system boasts a multi-function receiver, 4 switchable frequencies and the latest PLL quartz tuning technology making it the ultimate choice when up to 4 frequencies are required. It can be used licence free in the UK on channel 70. The S4.4 system is available in Lapel and Aerobic versions, which can be switched for use with a musical instrument, plus a Handheld with a dynamic capsule.

The new S4.4 has a host of additional features including LEDs on the receiver showing Power On, AF Peak level, RF Level and Diversity Channel A or B. In addition, the diversity operation receivers have front mounted antennae and variable gain jack plug output.

The handheld version is fitted with a dynamic capsule and the beltpack has a locking 3.5mm jack plug. The transmitter battery life is in excess of ten hours.

Product in stock – code S4.4L-EA-UK

Trantec S4.4 User Manual

Trantec S4.4 UHF Wireless Lapel Microphone
Trantec S4.4 UHF Wireless Lapel Microphone

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