Trantec S4.16H G3 UK Wireless Hand Microphone £299

Trantec S4.16H G3 UK Wireless Hand Microphone

Trantec S4.16H Wireless Hand Microphone with 16 selectable  frequencies on the new channel 38 UK band.

Wireless handheld microphone with dynamic head.

The Trantec S4.16H UHF system boasts a multi-function receiver, 16 selectable frequencies and the latest

PLL quartz tuning technology, making it the ultimate choice when looking for a product that will address your

demands now, and into the future.

The S4.16 has a host of additional features including LEDs on the receiver showing Power On, AF Peak

level, RF Level and Diversity Channel A or B. In addition, the diversity operation receivers have rear mounted

detachable antennae and variable gain jack plug output.

The receiver has detachable antennae, allowing remote placement and the use of antenna distribution units

for larger sets.

Ideal for vocals on stage, presentations and DJ’s.

  • 16 Channel Capability
  • Controls: Frequency select and On/Off switch
  • Indicator: Battery status LED
  • High quality cardioid dynamic head
  • Operating voltage 9v @ <50mA
  • Operating time approx 10 hours
  • Power Output: Max 10mW
  • Dimensions: 280 x 50 max (including grille)
  • Weight: 210g

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