Reloop RMP-1 Scratch CD Player £220

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The Reloop Scratch RMP-1 CD player is equipped with a sophisticated DSP scratch simulator
that can be controlled via the two-piece, touch-sensitive jog wheel. The edge is used for searching, push-starting and braking while the inner surface activates the sound synthesis when being touched. The concept is clear: the RMP-1 Scratch MK2 b is reduced to the most important mixing functions and due to the added scratch function it becomes the perfect turntablism CD player.

◾MP3 compatible single frontloader CD player
◾Touch-sensitive two-piece jog dial
◾High-end scratch simulator with return-to-cue-function
◾Automatic and manual BPM counter
◾4 independent 5 second sample banks (pitchable)
◾4 independent cue point banks
◾ID3 TAG support
◾Track and folder search
◾Especially bright Dot Matrix VFD display for all functions
◾Especially long pitchfader (can be switched off)
◾Pitch range: ±4%, ±8%, ±16%, ±100% (with master tempo)
◾Neu: Ultra fine pitch in steps of 0.05% up to ±8%
◾Pitch bend up to ±100%
◾Auto cue
◾Seamless loop function / re-loop function
◾Frame search
◾Instant start due to 1 bit technology (8-fold)
◾Playing address
◾10 second anti-shock memory
◾New: improved, cushioned, shock-absorbing feet
◾Elapsed/remain time display
◾Sleep function
◾Instant play as of cue point
◾Relay play
◾Fader start play
◾Digital output
◾Headphones output with volume control

In stock and on display.

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