Protex Multi Bag 3 £11.99

Protex Multi Bag 3

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Made of durable synthetic material these soft, padded cases protect your lighting by safeguarding fixtures against dents and scratches. This not only preserves the exterior appearance of lighting effects, it also extends their life. Protex bags offer an added benefit for performers on the go by allowing gear to be stacked without having to be boxed. This saves valuable transport space in cars and vans.


  • Works with all brands of lighting fixtures
  • Affordable padded soft cases designed to protect and extend the life of mobile lighting fixtures
  • Great for mobile DJ’s, Karaoke and bands
  • Saves valuable transport space by allowing fixtures to be stacked without having to be boxed
  • Size: 209 x 210 x 315mm


  • Acme Astro
  • Acme LittLED
  • Acme Jnr Halucination
  • Acme Jnr Fascination
  • Acme Jnr Orbitor
  • Acme Jnr LED Moonflower
  • Equinox Nebula
  • Equinox Orion
  • Equinox Carina
  • Equinox Virgo
  • Equinox Ursa

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Protex Multi Bag 3

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