Pat Testing

Do I need my equipment Pat Tested?

More venues now are insisting that electrical equipment used in their venue must be PAT Tested. This especially applies to entertainers as their equipment is used in a public environment. It is no longer uncommon for a Band or Disco to be asked for the relevant safety documentation.

Does all of my gear need to be tested?

All electrical items that connect to the mains supply with a standard 13 amp plug will need to be tested, this also includes equipment that requires 230 volts to function but may get its power via another source, for example a lighting controller. The following examples are typical to entertainers.

  • Amplifiers
  • Mixers
  • Smoke Machines
  • Lighting Effects
  • Light Controllers
  • Power Supplies ( Laptop , Wireless Receivers , Sound Modules etc )
  • Power Extension Leads
  • IEC Power Leads ( Kettle Leads ) Plug Boards etc etc etc

How is the equipment tested?

The equipment is tested by a qualified person using a Portable Appliance Testing machine, this does various tests depending on the type of equipment to ensure the equipment is safe to use. Equally important the equipment will have a visual inspection to ensure the item is safe. All successful items will display a pass label with the test date and renewal date. In addition the test results will be recorded and logged on a sheet with a certificate.

How can I arrange to have my items tested?

Simply call us during work hours and we can arrange a day for you to bring the equipment to the shop. Normally the equipment will be ready for collection on the next day. As an alternative, we may offer a home visit for onsite pat testing.

What is the cost and how long is the test valid?

All items are generally valid for a period of one year unless stated otherwise, however similar to a vehicle M.O.T., it is your responsibility to ensure that all items are kept in a safe working condition.

1-25 items are charged at £2.50 each, any additional items are then charged at £2.00 each.

Call Nottingham 0115 84 100 56 for more information.