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Kam KWM1960 Twin Radio Mics £179

Kam KWM1960 Twin Radio Microphones

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Kam KBA10 PA Amplifier £119

Kam KBA10 PA Amplifier 360w rms

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Kam KBA15 PA Amplifier £169

Kam KBA15 PA Amplifier
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Kam KXR 1500 Amplifier £269

The Kam KXR 1500 is a high quality power amplifier ideal for club and bar install, bands and DJ’s

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Kam KXR 2000 Amplifier £319

The Kam KXR 2000 is a high quality, high power amplifier ideal for club and bar install, bands and DJ’s

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Kam Laser 40 Fscan £169

Kam Laser 40 Fscan

A stunning low cost DMX green laser with excellent animation

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Kam DDX3000 Direct Drive Turntable £139

SOLD OUT. The Kam DDX3000 is a solid turntable with an amazing strong motor and some great features.

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Kam KWM1935 Microphone £79

Kam KWM1935 Microphone

The Kam KWM1935 is a UHF 16 channel wireless hand microphone.

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Kam KCM350 MKII Mixer £119

The Kam KCM 350 is an amazing value four channel mixer with 3 band EQ

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Kam KAP500 Mixer £109

Kam KAP500 Mixer

The Kam KAP 500  is a great value DJ mixer ideal for mobile discos and installs. 

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Kam KDM 580S Microphone £59.99

Kam KDM 580S Microphone

  This Kam KDM580S is the top of the KDM range yet still won’t break the bank.

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Kam KDM 550B Microphone £24.99

  The Kam KDM Series vocal microphones are a fantastic value range of tradtional stage/studio vocal microphones

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Kam Star Cluster 140 Laser £199

The award winning Kam Star Cluster 140 Laser offers a unique and breathtaking visual effect.

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Kam KHP1500 Pro Headphones £39.99

The Kam KHP 1500 headphones offer amazing sound quality for a great price. 

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Kam KHP1000 Headphones £24.99

A great value for money product from Kam.

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Kam KCA 1600 PA Amplifier £179

If you are looking for an amp on a budget then the KCA 1600 has to be a contender. This is a solid Kam amplifier offering great value for money

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