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Unavailable Discontinued

Pulse PMX 1604 Powered Mixer £299

Now Discontinued. Pulse PMX 1604 Powered Mixer

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Acme Cougar Twin Pack £259

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Acme Cougar twin pack lighting effect

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Pulse PMX 1204 Powered Mixer £229

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DISCONTINUED. The Pulse PMX 1204 is a great little powered mixer ideal for karaoke and small bands

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Citronic CD-S2 Single CD Player £79.99

The Citronic CD-S2 is a variable speed top loading single cd player.

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Acme BF Strobe Remote £24.99

Acme BF Strobe Remote

  Single channel strobe controller which is capable of controlling up to 4 Acme analogue strobes.

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Kam Laser 40 Fscan £169

Kam Laser 40 Fscan

A stunning low cost DMX green laser with excellent animation

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Martin Magum 650 £119

Martin Magum 650

NOW DISCONTINUED AND OUT OF STOCK. The Martin Magnum 650 smoke machine offers the perfect boost of dense white fog to enhance every light effect.

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Kam LED Parbar MK1 £229

The Kam Parbar Portable all-in-one DMX LED lighting system is ideal for all performers from live bands to DJs.

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Kam DDX3000 Direct Drive Turntable £139

SOLD OUT. The Kam DDX3000 is a solid turntable with an amazing strong motor and some great features.

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Kam DMX Laser 40 £99

The Kam DMX Laser 40 is small, portable , lightweight and a bargain !

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Kam KPM2000 Mixer £249

The  Kam kpm 2000  is the flagship of kam’s 19″ mixer series

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Kam KAP500 Mixer £109

The Kam KAP 500  is a great value DJ mixer ideal for mobile discos and installs. 

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Kam Star Cluster 140 Laser £199

The award winning Kam Star Cluster 140 Laser offers a unique and breathtaking visual effect.

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Kam KHP2000 Pro Headphones £64.99

Kam KHP2000 Pro Headphones KHP 2000

The Kam KHP 2000 headphones perform like no other in this price range.

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Kam KCA 1600 PA Amplifier £179

If you are looking for an amp on a budget then the KCA 1600 has to be a contender. This is a solid Kam amplifier offering great value for money

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Acme Super Nova Pack £149.99

Acme Super Nova Pack

With the use of one High power 3-Watt LED in each unit the SuperNova produces beams similar in output power to that of a 100W halogen lamp.

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iSolution Splendor 18 LED Moving Head £419

iSolution Splendor 18 LED Moving Head

The Splendor 18 LED Moving Head is a powerful LED Wash

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Acme LED Light Splash £49.99

Acme LED Light Splash

The LED Lightsplash offers a stunning, rich multi-coloured display similar to a traditional moonflower.

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LEDJ RGB 252 £105


The LEDJ LED 252 utilises 10mm ultra Bright LED’s

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W Audio Digimix 2 Powered Mixer £359

Digimix by W Audio is a compact powered mixer with 2 x 400W amplifiers.

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