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Lighting DMX

Kam Powercan60w LED Uplighter £99

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The Kam Powercan 60w is the latest line in KAM led par cans

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Equinox Slendor Beam Bar Quad £379

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The new 2015 Equinox Slender Beam Bar Quad is powered by 4 x 10W CREE quad-colour RGBW LEDs

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Kam LED Power Partybar £199

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Kam LED Power Partybar lighting package, ideal for DJ’s and bands

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Kam Hyper 3D Colour Laser £399

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Discontinued and out of stock Kam Hyper 3d laser effect is the next generation of 3d lasers from Kam

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Acme Dynamo Lighting Effect £79

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Acme LED dynamo lighting effect now in stock

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Equinox Gobo Sweeper £149

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Equinox Gobo Sweeper LED lighting effect

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Acme Cheetah Moonflower 50w LED £319

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Acme Cheetah super bright moonflower

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Equinox Power Flower Moonflower £129

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The new Equinox Power Flower LED lighting effect

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Acme Venom £139

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The Acme Venom is powered by 6 X 3W pods of tri-coloured LEDs

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Acme Carnival LED Lighting Effect £179

Acme Carnival LED Lighting Effect

The new Acme Carnival LED Light effect produces an amazing 5 lense light show

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Acme Stormbird LED Light Effect £119

Acme Storm Bird LED Light Effect

The Acme Stormbird is equipped with a single high power 10W LED

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Acme MiracLED £129

Acme MiracLED

The Acme MiracLED creates a spectacular light show that far outshines anything that can be achieved with traditional halogen moonflower effects.

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LEDJ Stratos LED UV £115


The LEDJ Stratos UV is aimed toward entertainment venues that want the blacklight U.V. look.

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Acme RGB DMX Astro £95

Acme RGB DMX Astro

The mirror ball effect is back! This club effect from the ’70s has been re-invented and now comes with 3 DMX channels and it’s even brighter than ever!

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LEDJ LED PAR56 Can Black £59

LEDJ LED PAR56 Can Black

LEDJ has taken the LED Par can to a new level of brightness and professionalism with the introduction of its new LED Par cans

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Equinox Hype LED Effect £69

Equinox Hype

Equinox has reinvented more classic DJ effects with the launch of this new cutting-edge moonflower with Ultra-Bright, long life LED’s.

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Acme InvincibLED 10 Watt Light Effect £169

Acme InvincibLED 10 Watt

The Acme InvincibLED now comes with a massive 10 Watt output RGB LED

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