Acme Duet £99

Acme Duet

This simple plug and play effect from Acme produces a blaze of light beams, which are constantly rotated by a reflector within the body of the unit. Further movement, activated by an internal microphone, is added by the barrels. Three internal colour filters move back and forth constantly in front of each light source. These are different for each barrel, with yellow, blue and orange on the left and green, pink and red on the right. This means that at least two distinctly different, yet complementing, colours are projected by the Duet at any given time.


  • Dual barrels rotate independently
  • Rocking beams project onto rotating barrels
  • Sound activated
  • 6 different dichroic colors
  • Pre-programmed shows
  • Full room coverage
  • Superior optics
  • Fan cooled


  • Power supply: 240v
  • Lamp: A1-231 12v 100w x 2
  • Replacement lamp: Lamp12
  • Dimensions: 300 x 330 x 254mm
  • Weight: 8.0kgs

Product now discontinued

Acme Duet

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