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September 2010

Equinox Vega Laser Light £229

The Equinox Vega is an intense professional violet laser featuring multiple control options

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Kam KBA10 PA Amplifier £119

Kam KBA10 PA Amplifier

Kam KBA10 PA Amplifier 360w rms

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QTX Light Hazer FX1000 £189

QTX Light Hazer FX1000

The QTX Light FX1000 professional haze machine is the ultimate fine mist generator.

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Kam KBA15 PA Amplifier £169

Kam KBA15 PA Amplifier
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Trantec S4.16H G3 UK Wireless Hand Microphone £299

Trantec S4.16H Wireless Hand Microphone with 16 selectable  frequencies on the new channel 38 UK band.

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Trantec S4.4 UHF Aerobic Headset System £309

The new Trantec S4.4 UHF system boasts a multi-function receiver, 4 switchable frequencies and the latest PLL quartz tuning technology

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Acme Carnival LED Lighting Effect £179

The new Acme Carnival LED Light effect produces an amazing 5 lense light show

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Acme Stormbird LED Light Effect £119

The Acme Stormbird is equipped with a single high power 10W LED

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