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July 2009

Acme BF Strobe Remote £24.99

Acme BF Strobe Remote

  Single channel strobe controller which is capable of controlling up to 4 Acme analogue strobes.

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Kam Laser 40 Fscan £169

Kam Laser 40 Fscan

A stunning low cost DMX green laser with excellent animation

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ENH 120V 250W Dicroic Lamp £8.99

ENH 120V 250W Dicroic Lamp

Branded ( normally Osram ) ENH 120v 250w dicroic lamp.

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A1-231 12v 100w Dicroic Lamp £6.00

A1-231 12v 100w Dicroic Lamp

Sold out. Replacement 12v 100w dicroic lamp used in many lighting effects

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ELC A1-259 24v 250w Dicroic Lamp £7.50

ELC A1-259 24v 250w Dicroic Lamp

Branded ( Philips or Sylvania depending on stock ) ELC A1/259 24V 250W  dicroic lamp.

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Par 36 Pinspot Lamp £5.99

Par 36 Pinspot Lamp

General Electric GE replacement Par36 lamp for a pinspot.

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Par 56 300w Lamp £13.99

Par56 lamp

Branded replacement Par56 lamp

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UV 400 Lamp £29.99

UV 400 Lamp

Replacement lamp for UV cannon light.

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T Bar Lighting Stand £44.99

T Bar Lighting Stand

  Basic lighting stand with tripod legs. All metal construction, height adjustable and lockable with metal securing knob.

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