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June 2009

60w Super Strobe Light £39.99

Super Strobe

60W Strobe light with a large reflector and a high efficiency flash tube.

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Protex LP 70 Record Box £30

Protex LP 70 Record Box

  12 inch LP record box with lift off hinges and steel reinforced edges with nickel rivets.

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Acme UV Cannon + Lamp £139

Acme UV Cannon

The Acme UV 400 Cannon changes the ordinary into the extraordinary

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Acme AF-2 Mini Flame £55

Acme AF-2 Mini Flame

The Acme AF 2 is a really breath taking flame effect without the use of a real fire.

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Samson Q7 Microphone £49.99

Samson Q7 Microphone

  The Samson Q7 is the finest Neodymium hand-held dynamic microphone Samson make.

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Samson Q6 Microphone £34.99

Samson Q6 Microphone

  The Samson Q6 dynamic handheld

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Samson Q4 Microphone £29.99

Samson Q4 Microphone

  The Samson Q4 microphone has a multi-axis shock mounted Neodymium dynamic mic element, cardioid pickup pattern and convenient on/off switch.

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Martin Magnum 2500 HZ £499

Martin Magnum 2500 HZ

The Martin Magnum 2500 Hz is a plug-and-play, easy-to-use hazer

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Martin Magum 650 £119

Martin Magum 650

NOW DISCONTINUED AND OUT OF STOCK. The Martin Magnum 650 smoke machine offers the perfect boost of dense white fog to enhance every light effect.

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Martin Magnum 850 £249

Martin Magnum 850

  The Martin Magnum 850 is the perfect fog machine for small nightclubs, mobile DJs and bands.

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Jem Pro Haze Fluid £15.99

Jem Pro Haze Fluid

This industry-standard pro haze fluid manufactured by Jem is suitable for use with all haze machines.

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Jem ZR Pro Smoke Fluid £23.99

Jem ZR Pro Smoke Fluid

This industry standard Jem ZR Pro smoke fluid is the automatic choice of most users.

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Audio Technica SJ5 Headphones £34.99

Audio Technica ATH-SJ5 Headphones

The Audio-Technica SJ5 DJ style headphones.

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Kam LED Parbar MK1 £229

Kam LED Parbar

The Kam Parbar Portable all-in-one DMX LED lighting system is ideal for all performers from live bands to DJs.

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Kam DDX3000 Direct Drive Turntable £139

Kam DDX3000 Turntable

SOLD OUT. The Kam DDX3000 is a solid turntable with an amazing strong motor and some great features.

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Kam KWM1935 Microphone £79

Kam KWM1935 Microphone

The Kam KWM1935 is a UHF 16 channel wireless hand microphone.

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Kam DMX Laser 40 £99

Kam DMX Laser40

The Kam DMX Laser 40 is small, portable , lightweight and a bargain !

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Kam KPM2000 Mixer £249

Kam KPM2000 Mixer

The  Kam kpm 2000  is the flagship of kam’s 19″ mixer series

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Kam KCM350 MKII Mixer £119

Kam KCM350 MKII Mixer

The Kam KCM 350 is an amazing value four channel mixer with 3 band EQ

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Kam KAP500 Mixer £109

Kam KAP500 Mixer

The Kam KAP 500  is a great value DJ mixer ideal for mobile discos and installs. 

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